Psalms 84:10 “I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of the Lord than dwell in the tents of the wicked.”

Our mission is to serve The Lord Jesus through the service we render to humanity.

As ushers of SSS we strive through Jesus Christ to make ensure that all who enter the doors of our church are graciously received with the spirit of love. Our purpose is to serve God and carry out the great commission that God has given to us which is to win souls.

As doorkeepers for Christ we are committed to serving God’s people in a loving manner. Our focus is to encourage an atmosphere of worship and make certain that everything is done in decency and order for the glorification of God. 

As SSS ushers we attend to the needs of God’s people so that body and soul are in harmony. Whether we assist in wiping a tear or calming a child, we prepare the body to be seated in the Lord’s presence to break bread without distraction. 

We challenge spirits with the Spirit of love. We are the arms of Jesus to his people by extending a hug, we are His shoulders when we comfort the grieving and we are His face when we give a smile. 

We are dedicated and committed to doing the work of the Lord.

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Soul Saving Station